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We will teach you how to cook great South & Central American food. Our food is easy to cook and you do not need to be experienced in the kitchen to prepare them. All our recipes will taste even better if you prepare them using fresh locally produced produce.

The team behind Casa Comida have been cooking Central and South American food for people in our neighborhoods for a long time. We have now decided to share our secrets and recipes to teach you how to cook our delicious dishes wherever you are. We are trying to use ingredients that are easy to find so that you can cook the food you miss no matter where you live in the world. With our recipes you will never need to go out for Mexican or Cuban food again. You will be able to cook it yourself with your family and friends. Cooking Latin food in your own kitchen is the only way to unlock all the variation, all the flavors that this cuisine really offers. In a restaurant you will only get to taste a limit number of the different flavors that you can enjoy by substituting different peppers and vegetables in our recipes.


pepperWe strongly recommend that you experiment with our recipes and make them your own. Learn how to cook them with our ingredients and our instructions. Once you learned how to cook a dish we recommend that you start experimenting to create your ideal dish. Try using a different type of pepper to create a dish with your ideal level of hotness. Try using chipotle, ghost peppers, jalapenos, habanero, chilipotin and other types of peppers to create your signature flavor. Another very easy way to tweak the taste to perfection is to try different types on onions, leek and chives in your dishes. All types of leaks, onions and chives can be interchanged in recipes. The result can be a significantly but subtly different dish.


We have experience cooking all over Central America but we know that we still have a lot to learn. We therefore would like to ask all our readers to send us recipes of how to cook your local specialties (or local versions of popular dishes) so that we can post them here. That way readers from all over the world can get to enjoy the recipes and we protect them from being forgotten over time.

Easy, Tasty and Healthy

A lot of Central and South American food is ideal in today’s hectic & health conscious world. They can usually be prepared in a short amount of time and contain a lot of vegetables and other ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Some recipes tend to contain too much fat but that is easy to rectify by reducing the amount of oil you use when you prepare the meal. Reducing the amount of oil you use often produce an even crisper and more delicious flavor.


South healthyand Central American food is ideal for those who are suffering from gluten intolerance or simple want to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet. This is due to the fact that the food culture in the area is based around corn instead of wheat. Corn does not contain gluten. It is important that you never assume that a South or Central American dish is gluten free. Some recipes do contain gluten. You will however find a very high number of recipes that do not and most recipes on this site does not contain gluten.


Most recipes on this site are quick to prepare. Some recipes from the area do however take very long to prepare. Sometimes more than 24 hours. It is therefore important that you do not assume that any recipe from the area can be prepared quickly. Verify how long a certain dish take to prepare and schedule it for a day when you have time to prepare it. We try to clearly mark any recipe that takes a long time to prepare. You can however not assume that other websites do the same.

Get ingredients directly to your door

Do you find it hard to find the time to go and shop for the ingredients you need to cook the food we write about here. In that case you are in luck. We are proud to announce that we have developed a grocery delivery service that deliver  all the ingredients you need to eat our food for one week directly to your door.  Together with the groceries you will find recipes pepper fruitsthat will tell you exactly how to prepare each meal. Our grocery bag is at the moment only available through matkasse.se but we are looking for other partners. We hope to be able to provide the grocery bag in your area soon.  We are currently negotiating with potential partners in the US and the UK.


Our grocery bag contains all the ingredients that you need to make authentic Central American food. We try to include rare and hard to find ingredients to provide you with experiences you might not be able to experience otherwise. Ingredients that seldom are sold outside their native countries. We try to introduce you to a new type of pepper every other week.  Our bags are 100% gluten free.


All our recipes are chosen to be easy to prepare and to require less than 30 minutes to prepare. In some rare cases the meal might require some light preparation the night before you are going to eat.  Such preparations can include pouring marinade over meat or rubbing a spice mix on a chicken.   If you do not have time to do this preparation work you will still get a tasty meal but it will not be as intense an experience as it otherwise would have been.


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