1Can 2Can

1Can 2Can is a slot game featuring two toucan birds who live in a tropical paradise in Latin America. This five reel slot, which comes from the game developer NextGen, is adorned with plenty of tropical fruits for the birds to eat, both indigenous Latin American ones like pineapple and papaya and imported luxuries such as kiwi and pomegranates. The green lizard and a cute little slot can also show up to hang out with the birds in the tree. Flowers and bird feathers complete the set up.

1 can 2 can

In a way, 1Can 2Can can be described as a very unusual take on the classic fruit machine.


1Can 2Can is available for both desktops and mobile devices. You can play this game in a number of different casinos. Personally I play this slot in CasinoEuro Casino.  CasinoEuro is a very good online casino that feature a large selection of games.  They offer a wide selection of different slots and other casino games that you can play.


  • Two wilds give you 10 times your coin wager.
  • Three wilds give you 50 times your coin wager.
  • Four wilds give you 200 times your coin wager.
  • Five wilds give you a whopping THOUSAND times your coin wager.

Scatter & Free Spins

  • Three scatters give you 5 times your total bet.
  • Four scatters give you 15 times your total bet.
  • Five scatters give you 50 times your total bet.

Getting three or more scatters will also trigger the Fruity Free Game Feature where you get 10 free spins. During the free spins, a Toucan bird can show up to add extra wilds to one or more reels.


It is possible to tre-trigger the free spins feature during free spins.


This slot has 25 paylines.

1 can 2 toucan

About toucans

Toucans are native to Latin America, where they can be found from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. There are many different species of toucans, of which a majority lives in lowland tropical forests.


Toucans are social birds and live in groups, and they like to play tag with each other after a big meal of fruit. Playfighting with their big bills is another popular hobby among these funny little birds.


Toucans eat chiefly fruit, but will also catch small animals such as lizards and insects to get a protein boost.

The Toco Toucan

One of the most well-known of the toucan species is the Toco toucan (Ramphastos toco). It lives only in South America, is bigger than the other toucans, and also distinguishes itself by prefering semi-open habitats such as savannah over dense forests. It’s got a very big orange bill that it uses to regulate its body temperature. Since this bird likes open habitats, it is frequently seen at plantations and even in private gardens within its native range in Latin America.

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